Accellos One

Tags: SAP Business One, MYOB Advanced, Accellos Warehouse Management


Accellos Warehouse Management for Team Picking

Accellos One Warehouse integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting/order-entry packages and shipping systems to provide the warehousing link in a total supply chain solution. Accellos offers a feature-rich solution to automate, streamline and verify all your in-warehouse processes. From the receiving dock to the shipping dock, Accellos tracks every movement of stock into, out of, and within the warehouse.

Look for efficiencies throughout your processes. Need to receive full containers? Expanding your operation to multiple warehouses? Gain full multi-warehouse visibility with Accellos. Establish event monitors on key processes that enable Accellos One Warehouse to alert you to any issues that may need your attention. Integrate with the leading suppliers of warehouse automation equipment, such as Pick Lights, Conveyors, Vertical and Horizontal Carousels. Leverage your network of trading partners with EDI integration and an available customer portal. All managed by a Cloud Planning Console.





Designed to move paper-based picking processes into the wireless world. This core module supports multiple styles of RF picking, picking stations, split pack-sizes, batch-pick and repack, shipment labels, and warehouse packing slips. Pick bins are replenished using Hot Replenishment, which is the process of requesting that inventory be replenished to pick bins to meet current sales order requirements.



Designed to move paper-based receiving processes into the wireless world. This core module supports paperless check-in, product and carton labeling. It also supports non-PO receiving, for warehouses that allow receipt of products into the warehouse that do not appear on a purchase order.


Cloud Dispatch

This is the cloud-based user interface for Accellos. This core module provides reporting capabilities to monitor daily warehouse operations in real time, and to generate historical reports. Views also display sales, work and purchase orders in the warehouse.



This module supports Advanced Replenishment, which is the process of requesting that inventory be replenished from overstock bins to pick bins before products are actually required to fill sales orders. Warehouses are configured to use one of two types of advance replenishment: min/max, or days on hand. Min/max replenishment is based on a predefined minimum quantity of product that must be in pick bins. Days on hand replenishment is based on a defined minimum number of days that the product must be available in pick bins. When a dispatcher runs the Advanced Replenishment function in Web Dispatch, the system issues replenishment requests for bins that are found to be below this minimum.



A zone is an area within a physical location where inventory is stored or different activities are performed. A zone serves to organize stock and warehouse staff workloads. The Multi Zone module allows you define up to 26 zones. This module enables zone picking, pick and pass picking, multi-zone simultaneous and sequential picking, and replenishment by zone.