MYOB Advanced or Business Central: Join us online to review the latest in Cloud ERP Solutions for Distribution

Digital Transformation is not new - we have all been talking about it for a number of years but is it now time to make that change and indeed how do you start?  At the hub of everything is your Master Data so how do you begin to compete in an ever changing and highly competitive Distribution Environment?

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If you are in Distribution then the promise of Digital Transformation is most likely the most exciting and cost justified of all sectors! Whether its Business Partner Integration (EDI) to real time B2B Portals managing the complexity of Partner Pricing to B2C On-Line Shopping and finally to the promise of the paperless Warehouse these are all the standard functions demanded by the modern Distributor.

However, today, this is only the beginning of the journey!

Our initial project goals are to tie each department together with a common Cloud ERP Hub so from Inventory Forecasting, Available-To-Promise algorithms to actual Landed Costs, the paperless Warehouse all wrapped with that 360 view of the Customer through CRM with Live Financials. These are all aspects we will review.

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On top of these "Project Standards" lets also discuss how a modern platform gives access to AI, Automation, Bots and more for a true digital transformation in the very fullest sense!

Lastly we are delighted to showcase Tasklet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and WIISE.


If you are an Agent for Change and passionate to learn how Cloud ERP Solutions such as MYOB Advanced and Dynamics 365 Business Central might be the foundation for your business, and have started or indeed want to start your review journey, then this is an ideal event to attend!

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MYOB Advanced vs Dynamics 365 Business Central

We will be showcasing these leading solutions and discussing the various merits and afterwards inviting participants to their own review - whilst the core of each Cloud ERP solution will be equal, hence implementation costs vary little, it is often the subtleties that make one solution stand out more than the other according to a customer's requirement. 

MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP

Job Costing - MYOB Advanced Construction

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsft Dynamics Business Central CRM

We look forward to "Virtually" meeting you!

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