SAP Business One - 9.3 CRM - User Enhancements - Pricing - Ipad

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A big cheer as CRM now has its own menu!  This will enhance the General Navigation along with significant enancements in the Browser which now supports the ever impressive "Relationship Map" capability for SAP Business One Marketing Documents!

Price Hierarchy Overrule.  In SAP Business One there is a set sequence used to determine the price of a product to a customer.  There are layers that need to be examined.  E.g. if there is a Customer Special Price, this takes precedent of a Period and Volume Discount.  While this structure is retained in 9.3 it is now possible (at a customer level) to overrule Business One by specifying that the customer should get the lowest price found, or the highest price found.  So, if a customer was configured with the ‘select lowest’ option and if there is a period base discount configured for a short period of time which was lower than the customer’s special price, the period discount would be selected instead of the special price.

SAP Business One is now available on the Ipad!

The Inecom Team are looking to showcase "SAP Business One Enhncements" at the next Inecom SAP User Group Meeting (ISUG), subject of course to SAP releasing these feature!

As always please let us know if we can help but we see that SAP is listening to client input so get that feedback on SAP Business One Ideas!!!!