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MYOB Advanced - Tip of the month - Adding User Defined Fields

Adding User Defined Fields in MYOB Advanced


Hello and welcome to our 'tip pf the month' for MYOB Advanced Users. Some industries such as Retail, Manufacturing, Construction and more sometimes require capturing additional details on a transaction to allow for additional reporting. These could be user defined fields which are not already accounted for in the ERP system.

For example: Updated or extended warranty terms for your items which the customer could have purchased.

This month we will talk about how to add a location of sale to your MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP System.

What are the prerequisites to create a user defined field in MYOB Advanced?

For user to be able to create a user defined field in MYOB Advanced, they require two prerequisites. 

  • The correct Security Roles Assigned

  • The required Attribute / Attributes configured

What is the process of adding a user defined Field?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how a MYOB Advanced user can add a user defined field in MYOB Advanced. 

Head to the Sales Order Screen

Go to the Sales Order Screen. You will need to select the option from within the Customisation Option as shown above and click on Manage User-Defined Fields.

This will pop up the screen to manage the User Defined Fields on the Sales Order. You will need to select Add User Defined Fields as shown below. 

Editing the parameters

Select the Attribute that you have setup for this User Defined Field. In this case it will be SALELOC describing that this defines the Location of a sales order.

Select ok and navigate back to the Sales Order. You will now see this is ready to populate. 

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