SAP Business One – Analytics Portal

SAP Business One – Analytics Portal

SAP Business One – Analytical Portal

The SAP Business One analytics solution is powered by SAP HANA technology.

After Inecom install the application and initialise the company databases on the SAP HANA database server, and enable the analytics in the SAP Business One client, you can use the following embedded analytical features powered by SAP HANA within the SAP Business One client:

SAP Business One – Enterprise Search

  • Enterprise search provides new ways to find information to support operations and decision making.

SAP Business One – Real-Time Dashboards

  • Dashboards present an easy-to-understand visualisation, such as a bar or pie chart, of transactional data
    from the SAP Business One database. Depending on the dashboard, data is presented either as a timespecific static snapshot or as a refreshable visualisation.

SAP Business One – Excel Report and Interactive Analysis

  • You can use predefined semantic layers to analyse transactional data in Microsoft Excel. The semantic layers
    can also serve as a data source for dashboards and Crystal reports.  You can also use the SAP Business One Analytics Logon tool to create pivot tables without installing the SAP Business One client.

SAP Business One – Crystal Reports

  • You can generate sales and financial reports with the SAP Crystal Reports software on the SAP HANA database.

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