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Invest in an ERP system and streamline your processes before hiring more staff to manage your growth.

Retail Industry is all about the customers!

Having centralised data and functionality, and making sure your store's software performs at a high-efficiency level is a must in the retail business. It is important to have a robust ERP system which can handle everything from product planning costs, manufacturing or service delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management, live shipping updates and manage shipping and payment.

Having a dependable and trustworthy ERP system will ensure that all the manual labour is taken care of and you and your staff are left with time and resources to cater to your customer, giving them live updates about your stock and delivery.


Benefits of an ERP System for Retail
and who is it for?

Benefits of a Cloud ERP System

Cloud ERP System


Flexibility of use

You don't need to wait till you are on-premise to use your system. Access it anytime, anywhere from multiple devices.


Minimal Infrastructure

No need to invest in developing onsite, extensive IT Infrastructure to run your system


Monthly Subscription

You can pay as you go, just like a monthly subscription instead of paying everything upfront

ERP Software For Retailers

Who is ERP software for?


Medium to large companies

Do you have multiple retail locations and you are having a hard time dealing with your growth? Then an ERP system can help!


Big stores with foot traffic

Bust long lines of customers waiting to pay for their items. Create multiple check-out points with the help of ERP mobility and increase customer satisfaction.


Setting an example

Disrupt the retail industry by setting an example and improving on the customer-driven in-store experience, improved shipping and delivery methods, mobile payments and more.

Our Solution


MYOB Advanced with Kensium

Sophisticated Financial Management, Smooth Project Planning, and Inventory & Distribution Management

MYOB Advanced achieves this and more with the integration of Kensium module.

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eCommerce product configurator links to MYOB Advanced


Product Configurator replaces those manual, redundant processes you have developed over time to compensate for the lack of functionality in your system. Add Product Configurator to your MYOB Advanced platform to improve order entry, manage inventory, and track items from procurement to fulfilment, all while delivering a customer experience that inspires repeat business.

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Improve your distribution efficiency with better inventory control and cost tracking across multiple locations. This eBook contains information about...


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