MYOB Advanced - Data Control and Security

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MYOB Advanced Security

Meet the strongest security requirements

All business logic and data processing is performed on a server which is located in a secure location. Data is stored in an encrypted format in the database, and all communication over the network is encrypted. Since data is not stored on the client, you can instantly remove access for any user.


SaaS infrastructure security

Hosting infrastructure is ISO27001 certified and includes rigorous data handling procedures.


Powered by Amazon Web Services

Market leader in cloud infrastructure.


AWS servers are located in Australia

Located in Sydney, serving many of Australia’s largest enterprises including Commonwealth Bank, MYOB, Suncorp and over 15,000 businesses nation-wide.

Comprehensive auditing

Role-based access controls allow you to involve temporary workers, investors, and external contractors (auditors, accountants, customer service personnel, etc). System administrators receive complete system audit reports which include login information, IP address information, and all system changes made by any individual.


Security Advantages

Designed to satisfy the security needs of banks, health-care and government organisations. All business logic and processing is performed on a server in a secure environment. All information received from a user’s browser is verified before being accepted and written to the database. Data transferred over the Internet and data stored in the database is encrypted.


Encrypted communications

To transfer information between the database and the user’s browser, HTTPS is used. This is the same encryption technology used by banks to insure no one can ‘listen in’ on your data. There is no performance penalty for using https.


Database encryption

To protect especially sensitive information the system encrypts certain fields within the SQL database. This protects you in the event a backup copy of your information is lost or stolen. You can designate whatever fields you wish to be encrypted in this manner.

Menus display only authorized screens, reports and pages

User menus display only the applications and pages authorized for each person. This also reduces the complexity of the application for individuals and speeds learning.


User screens and reports display only authorized information

Data items that are not authorized for a user will not be displayed on forms or reports. Popup inquiry screens that help users fill out forms only display items the user is authorized to view.


Role based user security

Security policies can be assigned by Role which reduces the number of security settings and the chance for error. An unlimited number of Roles can be created, so there is no limit on the types of security rights granted.


Re-validation within a single user session

Each transmission between the browser and the application server is re-validated from an encrypted key.