MYOB Advanced - Distribution Management Suite

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The Distribution Management Suite manages the complexities of distribution such as purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory and delivering customer support.


Inventory replenishment suggestions

Improve your cash flow and avoid over-/under-stocking with recommendations based on historical sales data analysis.


Freight Costs

Manage your freight cost tables to handle all freight cost calculations for each shipment your company handles, print the actual carrier labels and track shipments using actual tracking numbers provided by the carrier.


Carrier return label support

Print carrier return labels to include in order shipments for easy customer returns.


Automated Shipments

Fulfill large shipment volumes using pre-defined packing rules for specific products. Automatically determines packaging, generates labels and confirms shipments for multiple orders with just a few clicks.


Multiple valuation methods

Value your inventory using standard cost, moving average, FIFO and item specific methods. Select a different valuation method for each inventory item. Make direct adjustments to cost and physical inventory count using report and inquiry screens.


Inventory bin/location control

Create a physical and logical warehouse structure using inventory bins and location controls. For each warehouse location specify the types of items and transactions that are allowed, the picking priority and the cost of the items.

Inventory lot and serial numbering

Track inventory by lot or serial number. Lot and serial numbers can be assigned or entered manually when you receive, issue, or assemble inventory items. Serial numbers can be linked with item specific valuation methods.


Inventory transfers

Track goods in transit while transferring inventory between locations. Information is kept in a Goods inTransit GL account.


Purchase order automation

Generate purchase orders based on inventory stock level and inventory replenishment algorithms. Orders are placed with the vendor that best meets price and delivery.


Sales order discounts and promotions

Manage complex pricing and discount policies including volume discounts and multiple discounts per item. Maintain policies for price overrides.


Workflow and approvals

Create workflow rules for sales orders and purchase orders. Base rules on the type of order, vendor information, discount amount, order amount, or transaction specific information.


Customer notification

Email customers when sales orders change status. Example: Provide tracking numbers when a sales order goes from open to shipped.

Order Management

Optimise the way you enter and fulfill sales orders. You can split orders across multiple warehouses, allocate inventory, verify credit limits, issue replenishment orders, accept returns and more.

Inventory Management Software

Real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities and inventory costs so you can efficiently manage your distribution process to improve customer satisfaction while maximising profits.

Requisition Management

Optimises the way you gather requests, obtain bids, create quotes, approve quotes, manage purchases and fulfill orders for internal or customer consumption.

Order Management

Automates the entire procurement process from vendor quotes, to issuing purchase orders, receiving orders, creating AP vouchers and analysing results.