MYOB Advanced - Employee Portal

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The Employee Portal (EP) module provides a single application across the business allowing companies/teams/staff to access Email, create tasks linked to the ERP, Enter timesheets, expense claims, and assign work to other users. Access to company documents and Company Announcements is now at your fingertips. At a glance dashboards specific to roles and responsibilities show how the team/Division/Company is trending


By involving everybody in your organisation with one single top down application, your company communicates swiftly with no barriers to customer satisfaction.


MYOB Advanced Employee Portal

Expense Claim Reporting

Employees can submit expense claims with scanned receipts and supporting documents. Once submitted, the expense claim will be assigned for approval according to predefined assignment rules.

MYOB Advanced Employee Portal

Task Management

Employees can create tasks associated with documents and assign these tasks to other employees or work groups. Employees can access their task list from a dashboard and drill down inside to view task and document details.

MYOB Advanced Employee Portal

Organisation Chart

Access a company organisation chart by specifying company positions and departments as well as the direct report for each company employee.

MYOB Advanced Employee Portal

Timesheet Reporting

Timesheets allow workers to specify customer, contract, worked hours, and billable hours. Once approved by supervisor, timesheets can automatically update contract usage and generate customer bill.

MYOB Advanced Employee Portal

Event Management

An integrated event management system allows you to assign a default calendar specifying the working hours for each worker. Teams can use the calendar to schedule appointments and indicate absences and non-working hours.

MYOB Advanced Employee Portal

Assignment Rules

A flexible mechanism for assigning work and approving expense claims and timesheets.