MYOB Advanced - Financial Management Suite

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The MYOB Advanced Financial Management Suite includes a core set of financial modules used by every organisation. Financials are designed for companies with simple to complex requirements including inter-company accounting and group structure consolidation.


Monitor, manage, and create reports across multiple subsidiaries or functional groups. The system automatically creates inter-company transactions and consolidated reports accurately reflect company-wide results.


For those installations seeking a more simplified financial solution, configuration will be able to tailor to suit any size company and requirement.


The modules in the Financial Management Suite are fully integrated, real time and integrate with all other modules.


Optimised for mobile and touch

General Ledger

The central repository for collecting and analyzing your financial information.

Cash Management

Operations related to cash transactions, cash balances, funds transfer account reconciliation.

Accounts Receivable

Manage receivables and automate the tasks of invoicing customers and collecting payments.

Accounts Payable

Efficiently manage liabilities for purchased or received goods and services.

Employee Portal

Automate the process of entering timesheets, submitted expense claims, and assigning work.

Tax Management

Centralised tax configuration, management and BAS reporting.

Currency Management

Support multiple currencies so you can do business internationally and manage international subsidiaries.

Inter-Company Accounting

Automates financial information across multiple related companies.

Deferred Revenue Management

Automate and accurately account for situations where you need recognize revenue future periods.

Fixed Assets Management

Provides complete visibility into your assets and depreciation calculations.