MYOB Advanced - Project Accounting Suite

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The Project Accounting Software Suite manages budgeting, inventory, time sheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for individual business initiatives. You create projects that are included in company-wide financial reports.


Project Accounting Software features are integrated with the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales orders, purchase orders, inventory management, and the employee portal.


Centrally manage budgeting, billing, and profitability for individual business initiatives involving multiple employees, tasks, and materials. Real-time reporting roll projects up to company-wide financial reports.

Expense Management

Track expenses related to materials, labor, services, and inventory to gain complete project related costs. Allocate shared costs and overhead expenses to projects based on formulas that you establish.

Advanced Billing

Provides the flexibility to bill labor and materials according to the customer, the type of work being performed, or the specific project contract.

Budget Tracking

Project accounting budgets can include inventory items, non-stock items, labor, services, and more. Real-time reports compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets.

Time and Expense Tracking

Employees, partners, and contractors can enter timesheets from anywhere using any device with a browser. The same convenience applies to expense reports.

Streamlined Employee Time Entry

Now features Timecards, Timesheet and Simple Time Cards combined on single screen. Setup is quick and easy and users can multiple ways from single screen.

Resource Management

Assign project managers, employees, machines, and other resources to individual projects and tasks. Establish billing rules and options for each task.