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Data analytics solution for Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution!


What Is Phocas?

If you are in the Retail, Manufacturing or Distribution industry and make, move or sell a lot of products, than worrying about data should not be on your plate. 

Phocas is an adaptive, ad-hoc reporting and analysis system which can easily integrate with your ERP Solution. It's capable of high-level dashboards that highlight underlying details of your products. Phocas delivers self-service capabilities that scale with business growth. Get instant, focused and visual data when you need it.

Why Phocas?

  • Integrate multiple data sources: ERP, CRM, website, Google Analytics, HR platform
  • Customization: dashboards, databases, reports
  • ERP: sales, inventory, purchasing, production
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  • Benefits

To learn, plan and sell!


To Learn


Phocas works hard on providing direction and will keep your team focused on reachable goals with actionable insight to support key performance areas.

Go beyond your gut instinct and help your team get insights into key performance areas across each business units. The system delivers a streamlined view of market and budget data, and products 


To Plan


Make quick, strategic decisions about your business based on clear goals, plans and collaboration. As we know, plans made on the basis of data and research work better than plans made without facts. With Phocas you can use your data analytics solution to get valuable insights into ERP data to set strategic business targets. Address concerns and prepare for issues proactively using straightforward data findings to guide you.


To Sell

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Customise the needs of your business and that of your customers without hours of manual work from you and your staff. You can sell smart, not harder with visual data analytics. 

Identify keys areas where you can activate a sales strategy with intelligence. Now with Phocas you can spend less time on building reports and managing spreadsheets and more time on getting analytics on live sales data, gap and risk analysis, trends and new opportunities.

Got data. Get results. Phocas on the job.

Quick view of Sales Performance

Dashboards give you the greater and full picture, red (or low) numbers and a sad face emoji will tell you quickly the sales are down!


Drill Into Sales

Drill into detail to discover low sales at 3 key customers. Get your Account Manager on the case!


Improve Where You Most Need It

Your personal Account Manager will seize the opportunity to turn sales around using the information in Phocas. 


Phocas for your Sector!

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Webinar Recording 

Business success leveraging your company-wide data

Webinar Recording

Business success leveraging your company-wide data 

Inecom and Phocas conducted a Webinar to take you through how you can leverage your company-wide data for business growth and success

In this webinar, we introduced and demonstrated Phocas Software,

key takeaways are included below:

- How data analytics works?

- Business and individual benefits for stakeholders – how it can provide a clear and comprehensive picture of business performance and driving business objectives 

- Personalised dashboards, interactive charts, and views into specific analysis without running multiple reports 

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