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Sage ERP 1000


Rich, flexible and reliable functionality

Sage ERP 1000 from Inecom covers all aspects of your business from finance to distribution, manufacturing to project services while being cost effective to deploy and manage.
Helping to integrate processes and information, Sage ERP 1000 enables our clients to create a concise, accurate and complete view of your business. With a single enterprise wide source of information and control, Inecom clients can manage the different elements of their business, helping to drive profitability and streamline their operations.
Inecom see that Sage ERP 1000 provides our clients with;

  • Functionality and information required to manage every element of financial control.
  • Complete control over all the financial aspects of projects and their associated budgets, enabling Inecom clients to identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reducing costs.
  • The ability to manage manufacturing resources and keep a tight financial control of associated material and processing costs. The manufacturing capabilities enable the monitoring and reporting on any shop floor issues that could affect productivity.
  • Functionality to monitor and improve the way our clients source components and materials allowing greater efficiency in the provision of products and services, driving down costs and increasing profitability. Creating a centrally managed, flexible purchasing function, our clients are put in full control of their supply chain.


User friendly software

Sage ERP 1000 builds on the strong functionality of Line 500, a solution that the Inecom team started to deliver 20 years ago and now with a modern, intuitive user friendly web client and featuring enhanced reporting. This provides extra flexibility and makes our clients business more efficient by allowing them to;

  • Easily create reports using the intuitive Sage Report Designer interface.
  • Output reports in many different formats including PDF and Excel.
  • Automatically email reports to colleagues or externally to customers and suppliers.
  • Enter and consume data more efficiently as each screen has been amended to provide a logical flow, field segregation, calendar date picker and browse screen which allow the user to search and order data.


Customer relationship management

Sage ERP 1000 integrates seamlessly with Sage CRM, designed to provide a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service and support.
Customisable to meet our clients needs who are now able to build strong relationships with prospects and customers. Inecom solutions enable effective marketing campaigns, sales pipeline management, and the delivery of outstanding customer service. Integrated CRM allows you to:

  • Reduce duplication of key data with automatic synchronisation.
  • Make more informed business decisions using real time views of customer, suppler, pricing and inventory data.
  • Automates the sales process to help sales teams work on the most profitable and winnable deals.
  • Target marketing effort more effectively using e-Marketing with MailChimp, Campaign Management and Lead Management.
  • Use mobility to become more efficient with dedicated sales apps and anytime, anywhere access.
  • Engage with customers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with Sage CRM to unlock the value of social media.


What's New in Sage 1000

The User Interface has had a full refresh to deliver a contemporary look and layout to the application, by doing so Inecom see that Sage have improved the user experience and made the front end more intuitive to use. In fact Sage have developed Actionable List Views. This new functionality allows Inecom users to find information and act upon it within a single screen. Providing simple features such as filters, drag and drop column ordering and instant export to excel format XLS, all designed to allow users to get the information out of the system as and when they require it. Modern Conversion Tooling will allow the customer to convert all form sets within the ERP, to the new look and feel, providing a cost effective and efficient upgrade path for existing customers.


What's new in Reporting for Sage 1000

Sage have introduced the Sage Report Designer to Sage ERP 1000, to provide an integrated reporting solution that can be used across the suite. Now with the ability to export to Excel, PDF and email and fax format, Inecom users can analyse data in real time allowing for a more responsive data capture experience. The Sage report designer can pull information from multiple third party sources and be compatible with existing reporting solutions. In addition to this, a conversion tool will be provided to convert legacy reports into the new format. The Intuitive Data Model is a SQL view that sits over the Database, which allows for easy database table naming conventions and the creation of new and relevant Actionable List Views. This complements the Sage Report designer by enabling the easy creation of lists and reports, but also supporting multi company and security restrictions for sensitive data. Intuitive Data Model tooling kit is an application architect that will allow the extension of the Intuitive Data Model and the creation and customisation of actionable list views.


SAGE ERP 1000 - Benifits

Key Features

  • Financials, Commercials, Manufacturing
  • An integrated business management solution
  • Serving all departments across your organisation


SAGE ERP 1000 - Benifits