sap business bydesign

SAP Business ByDesign – A single Cloud ERP that is built on a platform for Integrated Analytics enabling Smarter Decisions!

Analytics is integrated in the solution to support and monitor business processes, helping you to make informed decisions.

Using the extensive and flexible business analytics features, you can easily create custom reports using the guided procedures and then control the visibility of those reports by assigning them only to specific work centers as well as individual business roles. If you have defined custom fields in your solution, you can also add them to data sources or reports, your own or those delivered with the solution. In addition, you can join or combine heterogeneous data sources, again your own or those delivered with the solution, as well as create custom calculated measures and comparison metrics.

Reports can be accessed from the Reports work center view of work centers and are also embedded into Overview work center views, enabling transparency of data in system. The Analytics data in the solution is real time. There is no persistency in a separate Business Warehouse layer. Analytics data in the solution is also access context sensitive. This means that data sources are associated with access contexts to ensure that data is directed to users who are allowed to view the data.

SAP Business ByDesign – Reports View

SAP Business ByDesign – Reports View

SAP Business ByDesign delivers predefined content for reports that are defined in your scope. Reports can also be defined by administrators for business users. The Reports view is a central access point to reports associated with a work center. The following report types are available.

Browser-Based Reports

Consists of a compilation of data for evaluation where analysis and drill-down is supported. You can open browser-based reports either in a Web browser or in Microsoft Excel®.

Microsoft Excel®-Based Reports

Using Microsoft Office Excel®, you can view and edit reports in spreadsheets

Formatted Reports
Formatted reports have an optimized layout to facilitate printing and presentation. You can open reports using Crystal Reports Viewer. For more information about the Crystal Reports Viewer, see the help documentation. You can access the help documentation by clicking Help from the Crystal Reports Viewer menu.

SAP Business ByDesign – Business Analytics

SAP Business ByDesign – Business Analytics

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP solution, which delivers integrated and insight-driven business processes for mid-size companies. Accordingly built-in analytics is a key theme for SAP Business ByDesign and Inecom clients get the analytics content as an integrated part of their standard processes out-of-the box. As a result customers get full transparency into all aspects of their business processes. What are the aspects of built-in analytics, which make the difference:

Uis connects insights to actions
User Interfaces embed analytical insights in the context of your daily work to make better decisions at the right-time in the context of your business processes.

Model-driven Adaptability
Within SAP Business ByDesign customers use an integrated approach to adapt and extend the business objects and processes. Every adaptation is made available via key user tools for analytical data sources, reports and KPIs.

Business Processes integrate Analytics
When you scope and configure a business process all related analytics content is made available out of the box. (e.g. Access rights to transactional and analytical data are managed consistently are assigned to users via work centers.)

The insights are based on live data and it is ensured that each number can be immediately explained by navigating to the underlying business document