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The Compliance business area provides transparency into aspects of your business such as IT-related changes. It also enables you to provide auditors with access to your system for financial and system audits. If your company conducts business across multiple countries in the European Union (EU), the business area assists you with the preparation of statistics on international transactions for your central bank or with the preparation of Intrastat declarations. If your company trades goods with countries outside of the EU, the business area assists you in creating and issuing export declarations. If your company conducts business in Mexico, in this business area you can define the invoicing processing method you set up for your company to be compliant with legal requirements in country.

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SAP Business ByDesign Compliance Management

The Compliance business area is relevant if you want to provide access and transparency on your system for IT changes, financial and system audits, international trade and tax reporting

Access to an Audit Trail of IT Related Changes

The solution facilitates IT compliance by providing you with the means to control and document IT-related changes in your system, such as software updates and service provider access to your system. The automatic documentation of these changes provides a record of compliance-relevant activities for audit purposes.

System Access to Auditors for Financial Audit

The solution enables you to include a read-only work center that can be used by auditors to conduct a financial or system audit of a company.

The Audit work center supports external and internal auditors. A selection of views from other areas provides access to audit-relevant information such as financial reports, master data, documents, and access rights. All planning, follow-up activities, and reporting of audit results and findings must be completed outside the solution.

Segregation of Duties

Segregation of duties is an approach used to reduce errors and prevent the risk of fraud, which helps protect your company’s assets and data. This is achieved by means of access rights and the distribution of responsibility for business processes and procedures across multiple users.

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