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Want the very best in HR Management


SAP Business ByDesign has the answer!

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SAP Business ByDesign – Human Resources

The SAP Business ByDesign solution helps you integrate your Human Resources (HR) processes with other core processes and ensure that appropriate HR data is available to employees when they need it. The software has built-in work-flows and functionality such as HR-related forms and reports to help your employees better manage and complete their tasks

SAP Business ByDesign – Personnel Administration

The employee life cycle begins with the hire process, may later involve an internal transfer from one department to another, and ends with the termination of the relationship between the company and the employee. All these processes can be easily carried out with the help of SAP Business ByDesign. Every employee, for example, can edit personnel data or can easily submit a leave request via employee self-services. These self-services reduce a HR administrator’s workload and simplify common business processes.

SAP Business ByDesign – Time Administration

Time types are defined categories of working and non working times used when employees record their time in time sheets. You set up time types to describe and document the different times when your employees are active for the company (for example, working time, training, business trip) and not active (for example, vacation, illness, time in lieu) in as far as they are relevant for your company.

  • For decentral time recording by employees in the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Time Sheet or ESS Leave Request, and for central time recording by the time administrator in the Time Administration work centre.
  • For project time recording to track time worked by your employees on projects.
  • For creating employees’ work schedules in the Time Models view that differentiate between working time and paid and unpaid breaks.
  • For payroll calculation and leave administration to correctly calculate your employees’ time off balances and accurately remunerate your employees based on planned working time (work schedules), actual working time, and in particular, all deviations from the planned working time (exception times).
  • For the analytics of employee times, for example, to report on productivity or absence rate statistics.

SAP Business ByDesign

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