SAP Business One - Visibility

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 SAP Business One Reporting capabilities truly deliver with not only with the extensive end to end ERP functionality but also through the available reporting solutions.  

  • When looking for financial data, do you request reports from several individuals?
  • Is it difficult for all employees to see how their teams are performing?
  • Does it take a long time, or is it complicated, for salespeople to assess how much inventory is available or what’s currently being produced on the shop floor?
  • Is marketing at a loss to know when new product development is stalled due to a lack of raw materials?


You may benefit from SAP Business One software if you answered yes to any of these questions. SAP Business One provides users with information that helps them make better, more-informed decisions. It provides a clear view of how teams – or individuals – are performing. And it can centralise all financial data in one place, so you can easily see factors that affect the decisions you make.

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