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The Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics business area allow you to configure and control the execution of your warehouse and manufacturing tasks. You can control physical inventory and stock transfers. You can also manage supplier deliveries, customer returns, and returns to the supplier. You can use identified stock – such as batches or lots – labelling, and logistics units to enhance tracking and tracing procedures. If you work with freight forwarders you can provide them with freight lists – a form that is sent to a freight forwarder detailing the products the freight forwarder has agreed to ship. You can integrate quality assurance tasks such as final inspections in production. You can choose to automate processes in inbound logistics, outbound logistics, and production.

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Why SAP Business ByDesign Manufacturing Management


Logistics Management

Logistics source and destination services are a set of services that are used for determining and validating sources and destinations for inventory retrieval and placement. This is an integral part of the execution processes in the Inbound Logistics, Outbound Logistics, Internal Logistics , Execution, and Production Control work centers. The source and destination services ensure that the information about stock movements is reliable and up to date since it takes into consideration all the on-hand and allocated inventory, and storage constraints defined in the system.

The two main services enable:

  • Logistics area for inventory retrieval and placement proposals while considering complex criteria during planning (release of warehouse requests or production orders)
  • Validation of manually entered logistics area values for inventory retrieval and placement during confirmation execution


Production models gather all of the key information you need to manufacture a product in one place. Production models combine product (bill of material) and process (bill of operations) information that is used as a blueprint for manufacturing. Key inputs to production models are:

  • Production BoM variants that contain input products and valid from dates.
  • Bills of operations (BoOs) that contain a detailed description of how you manufacture a product and to which you can assign input products from variants. Key outputs of a production model are:
  • Released planning models (RPMs) that the system uses to determine the source of supply and to create production proposals in planning.
  • Released execution models (REMs) that the system uses to create production requests and orders in manufacturing.

Quality Control

Quality inspections are used to check whether or not a material meets predefined quality requirements. With quality inspections, your company can achieve the following:

Increase competitiveness

With an integrated and comprehensive approach to recording inspection results and analyzing defects, companies can continuously improve product and service quality.

Ensure compliance

Companies must meet customer demands (for example, they have to produce and deliver products according to agreed specifications) and must comply with legal requirements, such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and industry standards, such as ISO norms.

Reduce costs

An integrated quality assurance program helps companies avoid costs associated with transparency, rework, scrap, warranty, and product liability. Tools such as acceptance or adaptive sampling reduce costs for sample drawings and inspections.

Increase efficiency

Integration in other processes, such as production, enables the visualization and acceleration of processes and allows companies to react quickly to internal problems, legal requirements, and market demands. You can access all functions related to inspections in the Quality Planning and Quality Control work centres and their views.


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