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The Purchasing business area allows you to manage the operational purchasing life cycle. This covers activities to control and centrally manage purchase requests, purchase order collaboration, and goods and services receipts for delivery of products. You can integrate and automate your purchasing tasks, such as creating purchase orders, receiving purchase order acknowledgments, and verifying supplier invoices, which reduces errors and streamlines your entire procurement process. In addition, self-service procurement lets your employees create, monitor, and control their own shopping carts decentrally, giving your buyers time to focus on other tasks.

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Why SAP Business ByDesign Procurement


Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management enables you to strengthen your relationships with suppliers, to improve your procurement processes, to reduce costs, and to turn your relationships with your suppliers into a competitive advantage.

Supplier Relationship Management fully integrates your operational and strategic procurement processes – from demand generation and procurement of new materials and services, to contract negotiation and monitoring of purchase documents including invoices – with your other core business processes, such as logistics, project management, and financial management. As a result, you can collaborate with your suppliers more efficiently, automate processes, and continuously assess the effectiveness of your procurement activities and supplier relationships.

Further, Supplier Relationship Management provides powerful reporting tools that allow a high degree of process visibility and give more insight into the performance of both operational and strategic purchasing to help you achieve significant savings. Standard reports help your company monitor supplier performance, analyze price and spend development, as well as track purchase requests, purchase orders, supplier invoices, and purchasing contracts.


Purchase Requests

Purchase request processing enables you to update and transfer the data from purchase requests into purchase orders. Purchase requests are released from other areas within your company to your purchasing department and can be based on:

  • Purchase proposals from material requirements planning
  • Shopping carts from self-service shopping
  • Projects from project management

Purchase requests contain products that are to be purchased in a specified quantity within a specified time. These products can be:

  • Stock materials, such as spare parts or raw materials
  • Non-stock materials, such as laptops or printers
  • Services, such as consulting or cleaning services
  • Limit items if the exact details or quantity of the required materials or services are not known yet

Self Service

In self-service processes, employees can use shopping carts to purchase non-stock materials and services. They can create and track shopping carts for themselves, on behalf of other employees or for projects. They can select the products that they want to order from catalogs, from lists of previously ordered items or items recommended by the system. If the required products are not available, they can also manually enter descriptions of these products so that their purchasing department can try and find a supplier for them.

The costs for the ordered materials or services can be assigned, for example, to a cost centre, project, sales order or service order item. Depending on the total net value and other conditions, which can be configured in Application and User Management, the shopping cart is sent for approval and then transferred into purchase requests for the purchasing department. Once the materials have been delivered or the services have been completed, the employees can confirm them using goods and services receipts. If the wrong materials have been delivered or the delivered material are damaged, they can send them back using goods returns.


Goods & Services Receipt

Goods and services receipts can be used as internal control documents to confirm the following:

  • Delivery of materials
  • Completion of services
  • Expenses related to a purchase order
  • Delivery of limit items*

Buyers can create goods and services receipts to confirm the delivery of items that they or other employees have ordered using purchase orders. Employees who have ordered products using shopping carts can create and post goods and services receipts for their shopping carts

* In SAP Business ByDesign, limit items are items that are assigned a maximum value limit rather than a price in a purchase document. A limit item is used in a shopping cart or purchase order when you do not know the details of the material or service you want or the quantity that you need.

Procurement by SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign Procure to Pay Shopping Cart

The video provides an overview of the Procure-to-Pay process in SAP’s Business ByDesign using the Shopping cart feature available within ByDesign. The video also showcases accessing ByDesign Analytics using Business In Focus, a standard application for a mobile device. 

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