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SAP Business One
Financial Management

At the core of every single business transaction SAP Business One Financials incorporates all key accounting processes such as Journal entries, Budgeting, Banking, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable whilst automatically triggering accounting postings in real time as business transactions occur in sub-ledgers.

SAP Business One
Financial Management

Why Choose SAP Business One for Financial Management?

With Accounting and Financial Software for SAP Business One, customers can drive accelerated, more reliable month-end processes and efficiently analyse the why and how behind financial results.

  • Why Choose SAP Business One?
  • Benefits of SAP Business One

Why SAP Business One Financial Management Suite?

SAP Business One offers fully integrated financial and banking functionality for complete across-the-board tracking, management, reporting, and control of all key financial and accounting processes.


General Ledger

Handle all your financial transactions – including general ledger, journal entries, budgeting, and account setup and maintenance – in one system, with comprehensive tools and reports.


Recurring Postings

You can define your own postings for regular execution in accounting and specify a frequency and distribution for each recurring posting.



You can define and manage budgets on existing accounts to compare actual and planned figures. The software alerts you whenever a transaction exceeds a monthly or annual budget limit.


Journal Entries

Journal entries are posted real-time from the sales, purchasing, and banking function’s allowing you to create new journal entries and search for existing ones.


Reversing Journal

Reversals of specified postings occur on the first day of the following calendar month, but you can specify a different reversing date for each posting.


Distribution Rules

You can define different profit centres or departments and allocate the revenue and cost accounts to a predefined profit centre in the chart of accounts.


Journal Voucher

You can save multiple manual journal entries and process them simultaneously, allowing verification of the postings before they are entered in the general ledger.


Posting Templates

You can define general ledger account assignment models, saving time and avoiding mistakes during the manual posting of journal entries.


Exchange Rate Differences

You can evaluate your open items in foreign currencies, then identify differences and choose the appropriate correction transaction.


Financial Report Templates

You can generate any number of financial report templates.


Profit Centre Report

Reports are based on revenues and costs, both direct and indirect. You can run reports for any profit centre annually or monthly to compare the results with figures for the previous period.

Benefits of SAP Business One Financial Management for your Business

SAP Business One supports the strictest financial close requirements to give firms:

  • Support for consistent standards and efficient processes for reduced cycle times
  • High confidence in the numbers thanks to tightened control and transparent compliance


Generate the high-quality results required by international and local financial reporting standards.


Period End

Streamline the collection and consolidation of data for management and regulatory reporting.


Financial Close Governance

Put controls in place to make sure financial master data is managed consistently and across all of the applications.


Reporting & Disclosure

Use SAP Business One to enable all required reports and disclosures in less time at a lower cost.

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What makes a Finance Solution intelligent?

With SAP Business One, you can empower your staff to improve their Financial Management processes. All this is possible by integrating your system with the right solutions. Click below to download the Infosheet. No need to type in details such as an email address!

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