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SAP Business By Design: What are "Packages"?


SAP Business ByDesign is SAP's Cloud ERP Solution covering 100 Countries  SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) is a comprehensive, fully integrated business management solution delivered in the cloud. The solution is a core part of the SAP cloud portfolio and is specifically designed to provide Australian Businesses with the benefits of a large scale business management application without the need for a large IT infrastructure.

SAP Business ByDesign includes complete functionality for financial, human resources, marketing, sales, service, supply chain, procurement, and project management processes. Unlike disconnected systems, it links all of your company’s business processes in a single application. SAP ByD is managed by SAP And a common data repository provides complete, real-time visibility across your business.

Starter Packages make it easier to adopt SAP Business ByDesign

Starter packages for SAP Business ByDesign enable customers to rapidly and cost-effectively address specific functional requirements and business pain points and receive short term value while laying the foundation for future growth through the ability to add additional, fully integrated functionality without disruption.

Starter packages are predefined, focused subsets of the full SAP Business ByDesign suite that are deployed simply and are available at fixed implementation prices, starting at AUD$15,000.00. A dedicated implementation methodology, as well as embedded e-learning, enables these packages to be implemented quickly, in as little as three weeks depending on a customer’s requirements. As business grows, users can expand the scope and turn on additional functionality that is already built into the solution.

SAP Business ByDesign - For as few as 5 Users, there are 3 Inecom Starter packages

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Starter Package - The CRM starter package provides customers with best business practices for sales force automation (SFA), enabling them to efficiently generate leads, manage all stages of the sales process and close deals, while laying the foundation to expand to the entire order-to-cash process. The CRM starter package can be implemented in approximately three weeks at a fixed implementation price of AUD$15,000.00 and a special subscription price.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) starter package – The ERP starter package provides customers that have outgrown accounting-only systems with the integrated financials, accounting and analytics capabilities needed to manage the next stage of growth. The package can be implemented in approximately six weeks or less and is available at a fixed implementation price of AUD$45,000.00.


Professional service provider (PSP) starter package – The PSP starter package is designed to give small businesses and midsize professional services firms affordable access to the world-class business process management capabilities they need to not only manage their businesses end to end, but also to level the playing field against well-capitalised competitors. Designed to go live in approximately eight weeks, the PSP starter package is available for a fixed implementation price of AUD$55,000.00

SAP Business ByDesign Package and release Summary

“With the general availability of the latest SAP Business ByDesign release coupled with our Packaged Delivery approach the Inecom team have achieved a major update for the market place,” said Simon Bishop, Director – Customer Service, Inecom Pty Limited. “By providing this approach, we deliver not only the substantial innovation requested to support our customers’ business needs for today and the foreseeable future but at a manageable and pre-determined price. The on-demand services for SAP Business ByDesign are operated on the most modern cloud infrastructure here in Sydney and allow for a true volume business that drives down the costs of such solutions for the ANZ market. We also expect these new starter packages to enable our customers to quickly adopt the services and realise immediate results on their path to an integrated on-demand suite.”

SAP Business ByDesign Review

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